• Western 98 Minutes

Noon is a gunfighter who develops amnesia. Helped by Rimes, an outlaw who befriends him, he tries to remember who he really is. It gradually appears that his wife and kid have been murdered. Noon eventually recalls a fortune hidden somewhere.

  • Starring: Richard Crenna, Stephen Boyd, Rosanna Schiaffino
  • Western 95 Minutes

This is a story about Mexican revolutionaries in 1895, and a woman seeking revenge for her husband's murder.


  • Starring: Telly Sevallas,Stella Stevens, Martin Landau, Robert Shaw
  • Thriller 90 Minutes

Trapped within the modernist confines of her remote canyon home and stifling marriage to her uptight architect husband Paul, lonely housewife Jean finds liberation and comfort in the arms of Viggo, her free-wheeling and decidedly bohemian lover. Somewhere between the extremes of her new-found freedom and the ordered structure of her marriage lies the path to true happiness... if only she can find the way.


  • Starring: Kelsey Oldershaw, Andy Mackenzie
  • Drama 90 Minutes

A pop-rock star, James Springer, attempts to navigate the wind tunnel of fame at the end of his first concert tour. A satirical buddy drama with a great musical score. 


  • Starring: David Carradine, Michael Mahoney, Mariel Hemingway
  • Thriller/Horror 84 Minutes

A film involving parental neglect and abuse, social worker investigates the odd Wadsworth family. The family may not seem too strange at first, consisting of the mother, two grown daughters and the diaper-clad, bottle-sucking baby. However, the baby is twenty-one years old, and mentally ill.


  • Starring: Anjanette Comer, Ruth Roman, Marianna Hill
  • Western/Action 84 Minutes

A stage coach is held up by a lone gunman (Marty Robbins), moments before a gang of outlaws make the attempt. Cheated of the gold shipment, the outlaws give chase. Because of an uneasy truce with the townspeople and the local priest, (Nestor Paiva), the priest is actually receiving the purloined gold.


  • Starring: Marty Robbins, Joyce Redd, Nestor Paiva
  • Drama 96 Minutes

When Tori, an affluent urban teen, befriends Snake, a streetwise kid from Harlem, his concerned parents hire Phil (Annie Golden) to be his Nanny to watch out for him. Soon Snake's older and more dangerous brother emerges and Phil realizes the job is much more involved than she ever imagined.


  • Starring: Annie Golden, Sedly Bloomfield, Jamaul Roots
  • Adventure 72 Minutes

In pre-Colonial America, a Colonial officer tries to make peace between Indian Chief Pontiac and British and American Settlers. That peace is threatened by a commander of a Hessian mercenary unit, who is set on exterminating the Indians.


  • Starring: Lon Chaney, Lex Barker
  • Sci-Fi/Action 76 Minutes

When a reporter (Peter Graves) investigates the mysterious destruction of a town, he discovers a secret government agriculture center experimenting with super growth formulas. Suddenly, colossal Grasshoppers emerge from a grain storage facility to rampage human-kind.


  • Starring: Peter Graves, Peggie Castle
  • Horror 73

Starring: Lila Zaborin, Victor Izay and Tom Pace.

    • Comedy/Music 90 Minutes

    In the top-40, the "hot" new "boy bands" rule the music charts. They seem to have it all: concerts, fans and fame. But rumors and rivalries threaten to break up these boy wonders.

    • Starring: Mickey Blaine, George Mitchell, Dylan Cooper, Hunter Garner and Coltin Scott
    • Documentary/Westen 30 Minutes

    Narrated by Chill Wills and featuring "The Rodeo Song," see real cowboys do horse roundups, lovely cowgirls in daring riding events, trained quarter horses at work, and other exciting events. Ranch hands turn into rodeo riders, and there is also a giant cattle drive.

    • Starring: Chill Willis
    • Drama 104 Minutes

    A stylish dramatization of the lurid true-life travails of a wealthy Manhattan gadabout whose dalliances with pimps and lowlife make him the target of the gossip press when a preferred nightclub proves to be a front for call grils--including the mysterious beauty he's enamored of. The feature debut of De Felitta, winner of an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short (for "Bronx Cheers").


    • Starring: Frank Whaley, Peter Gallagher, Lara Flynn-Boyle
    • Western 95 MInutes

    The family of an ex-Confederate army captain named Justiss Cain is killed and he is left for dead by the thieves and killers who served with him during the Civil War. A bounty hunting preacher nurses him back to health, and together they hunt the gang of murderous cutthroats.


    • Starring: John Carradine, Scott Brady, Robert Dix
    • Action/Adventure 102 Minutes

    Acclaimed feature adaptation of the immortal Jack London "gold-rush" classic tale. Set in the Yukon, it is the story of love and dedication between a dog and its master.


    • Starring: Charleton Heston, Michelle Mercier, Maria Rohm
    • Horror 93 Minutes

    A bizarre series of murders baffles San Francisco police for weeks. The only connection between the murders is that all the victims have had their heart removed, almost as though by a surgeon.


    • Starring: Gary Goodrow, Michael Paul Chan, Max Gail, Susan O'Connel, Ray Reinhardt and Fred Ward
    • Drama 93 Minutes

    A highly newsworthy topic, this movie deals with the topic of whether abortion should be legal. In this highly socially conscious, groundbreaking film, Patty Smith is raped by three hoodlums on a Los Angeles beach. Young, inexperienced, and away from her Kansas home, she is afraid to tell the police. Finding herself pregnant, she contacts Dr. Miller, who tells her that it is legally impossible for him to give her an abortion.


    • Starring: Dani Lynn, Merry Anders, Edward McKinley, Leo A. Handel
    • Intrigue 92 Minutes

    Also known as Sax Rohmer's The Castle of Fu Manchu.

    The wicked Fu Manchu masterminds his newest scheme, which is to use mystical crystals to freeze the earth's oceans, turning them into virtual massive ice cubes. His evil daughter Lin Tang helps her father. Opposing him is his foremost adversary, Interpol's Dr. Nayland Smith from Britain.

    • Starring: Christopher Lee, Richard Greene, Howard Marion-Crawford
    • Horror 93 Minutes

    Beautiful Coven Girls trade their souls to Satan for fame and fortune and end in the burning fires of hell.


    • Starring: Mark Seby, Senita Deveaux, Jenn 0. Cide, Tom Lynch and Randy Tena
    • Western/Action 77 Minutes

    Sent to Manila by the U.S. Army, the cavalry is ordered to quiet down the rebel guerillas hiding in the surrounding jungle. Malaria and surprise attacks by the rebels do not stop the cavalry from bringing modern conveniences to the small town of San Pasquale, showing the world that the most important tools an army can have are good will and integrity.

    • Starring: John Agar, Richard Arlen, Myron Healy and Alicia Healy
    • Classic Comedy 96-100 Minutes

    Each of these three classic specials is rated Four Stars by Steven Scheuer in "Movies for TV", as well by noted film critic Leonard Maltin in "TV Movies" and "Entertainment Tonight". Fully restored in 1984 and available for the first time ever to Television with original synchronized Orchestral Scores and authentic period sound effects.


    • Starring: Charlie Chaplin
    • Action/Adventure 98 Minutes

    It is 1880 in the U.S. Territory of New Mexico. CHINO Valdez (CHARLES BRONSON) owns a horse ranch in this vast country, his lonely life being interrupted by a 15 year old runaway, Jamie Wagner (VINCENT VAN PATTEN), who seeks food and shelter, and stays on.

    • Starring: Charles Bronson, Vincent Van Patten and Jill Ireland
    • Children 89 Minutes

    Australians John Rendall and Anthony “Ace” Bourke purchase a lion from Herrod’s Department store’s zoo park. They take loving care of the animal until he is a year old. The two develop a close, heartwarming relationship with the lion.


    • Starring: Bill Travers, Virginia McKenna
    • Western/Action/Famiiy 95 Minutes

    Nine Cisco Kid Westerns which lead to the creation of the NBC Off Network series. The Cisco Kid and his English-mangling sidekick Pancho, travel the old west in the grand tradition of the "Lone Ranger", righting wrongs and fighting injustice wherever they find it.

    • Starring: Duncan Renaldo, Leo Carrillo
    • Sci-Fi/Horror 95 Minutes

    A nuclear scientist "cloned" by foreign agents, struggles against terrifying odds to prove he is himself and not the clone. The word "clone" was rarely if ever heard in the American vocabulary before this picture was released.

    • Starring: John Barrymore, Jr, Michael Greene
    • Comedy/Action 108 Minutes

    When race driver J.R. Collier (John Schneider) tries to save his family from divorce by quitting racing and opening a "used car" business, things get realy wild. You see, J.R. acquires his inventory by racing unsuspecting "marks" for pink late at night. The trouble starts when there is something in his latest "win" that the bad guys desperately need back by Saturday at 6 p.m. They kidnap J.R.'s family and the chase is on. Hang on for a great ride!! Fun for the whole family.


    • Starring: John Schneider, Elly Castle
    • Thriller 72 Minutes

    When the Lotus Cat Food Company finds itself in financial trouble, the owners decide to find a new, cheap source of meat -- the local graveyard. Only one problem, soon cats develop a taste for human flesh, and tabbies are tearing out throats all over town.



    • Starring: Sean Morelli, Andy Freeman, Chuck Alford
    • Drama/Horror 91 Minutes

    Jack Davies, an art dealer from London, does a deal with a friend of his Michael Clare, the son of a gifted artist Victor Clare. Michael smuggles out some of his father's works and Davies sells them for a large sum at his gallery, splitting the profit between them.

    • Starring: Mike Raven, James Bolam, Mary Maude
    • Western/Action 82 Minutes

    A seasoned veteran of the struggling days when the west was young relives a time, just after the Mexican-American War, when as a younger man he chanced upon a small Apache Rancheria inhabited by an Apache family.


    • Starring: Jody McCrea, Marie Gahva
    • Action 95 Minutes

    A cult classic, even filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has expressed his own enthusiasm for this film when being interviewed. Some film critics have expressed that it influenced the direction of his films.

      • Horror/Mystery 80 Minutes

      A college radio station is terrorized by a murderer. The stations ratings improve as the killing spree continues. The shows DJ and his news anchor friend are suspected by the police and hunted by the murderer.


      • Starring: John Marlo, Geoffrey Donn
      • Drama/Crime 90 Minutes

      When the police fail and the jails are filled, Rick Marshall, prosecuting attorney, fights crime his way. When the court system fails, the police fail and the jails are filled, infuriated prosecuting attorney Rick Marshall decides to fight crime his own way, and turns to the streets for justice.


      • Starring: Steve Fletcher, Ramon Franco, Lenward Horness II
      • Horror 90 Minutes

      Legions of evil demons from the fiery depths of hell haunt the newly acquired home of a beautiful widow and her handicapped sister, wreaking terror and bloodshed on any who dare enter. Paranormal expert Raymond LeCleur agrees to do battle with the demonic hordes. Joining forces with his estranged father, he enters into a deadly combat with Satan’s minions – one that will leave LeCleur desperately fighting for his own survival. Demon Haunt features eerie medieval locations filmed in England. This special effects spook-tacular boasts some of the weirdest most terrifying creatures to ever haunt your worst nightmares.


      • Starring: Sean Morelli, Olivia Dunkley
      • Thriller 110 Minutes

      Pretty and talented television weather reporter, Dedra Hagan, en route to a new assignment in Las Vegas, Nevada from Texas, encounters a psycho-killer who has escaped from prison. He has vowed to murder everyone who testified against him. While traveling mountain roads, Dedra's car breaks down and no one will give her a ride except the killer.


      • Starring: Ron Jason, Nicole West, Gene Ellison Jones
      • Action 93 Minutes

      An elite army of female assassins... in a race against time to save the world from mass destruction at the hands of a madman.


      • Starring: Michael Ansara, Francine York
      • Horror/Drama 94 Minutes

      Can you tell the difference between what's real and what's all in your head? What happens when your fantasies become reality? Newcomer Keren Gilbert heads a shocking and SEXY cast of vixens ready to take over the night and YOUR DREAMS.


      • Starring: Keren Gilbert, Jon Seminara
      • Drama 96 Minutes

      Arthur (Philip Baker Hall) is a retired history professor who has outlived his time and place, friends and family and reasons to live.


      • Starring: Philip Baker Hall
      • Drama/Dark 90 Minutes

      In this angst-ridden tale set in the Silverlake district of Los Angeles, Carley (Emily Stiles) lives a life of pills, dive bars, and uncommitted sexual encounters. When she meets up with Jim (Jimmy Wayne Farley), an artist with "recreational" heroin issues, she is forced to face her avoidance of intimacy and her own drug use.


      • Starring: Emily Stiles, Jimmy Wayne Farley, Dikla Marshall
      • SciFi 92 Minutes

      Hidden deep in the industrial district of downtown Los Angeles, Dr. Harrison Parker (Jeff Fahey) has developed the 'Eden Formula.' This new revolutionary technology can actually synthetically reproduce virtually ANY organism... AND IT DOES!


      • Starring: Jeff Fahey
      • Drama 90 Minutes

      A naive teenager gets pregnant and is forced to face realities of life.


      • Starring: Mary Webster, Ron Hagerthy
      • Horror/Thriller 88 Minutes

      Also known as The Fifth Cord, Evil Fingers takes place in Rome, where at a very classy party an assault occurs. An alcoholic reporter named Andrea, played by Franco Nero, is assigned to investigative the story.

      Starring: Franco Nero

        • Romantic Comedy 85 Minutes

        When his girlfriend drops him because of his recent career chioce, Steven Jacobs, a 30-something school bus driver, falls into a state of intense heartbreak. The only thing that can salvage him is when he meets the girl of his dreams, Maria.


        • Starring: Ron Menzel, Heidi Fellner
        • Thriller 90 Minutes

        In a just trial by his 18 black maid servants and mistresses, an evil and muderous white land owner is sentenced to death...Their vengeance was swift, cruel and bloody

        • Starring: Jennifer Dove, Rachel Powell, Marie O'Guynn
        • Drama/War 103 Minutes

        Based on a true story, at the end of WW II, two German deserters are tried for desertion by fellow POWs inside a Canadian-run prisoner of war camp for Nazis. Immediately after the end of World War II, disillusioned, idle German soldiers wander around the ruined countryside of Italy. Two of these men are rounded up by their former comrades, their superiors, and charged by the SS with desertion.


        • Starring: Bud Spencer, Franco Nero, Richard Johnson
        • Drama/War 80 MInutes

        This film is also known as Wing Commander.

        They were enemies, they were heroes. They were fighter pilots. Two enemies thrown together by fate learn that the band of friendship is more important than the sometimes meaningless agony of war.

        • Starring: Will Roberts, John Hardy, Werner Doll, Ian Strauss
        • Sci-Fi/Action 75 Minutes

        Nightmares plague a man who failed to save lives. The story of a guilt ridden survivor of a military unit wiped out on Corregidor in WWII. 


        • Starring: John Hackett, Conrad Parham, Eddie Infante
        • Comedy/Romance 92 Minutes

        This movie shows the Hollywood film industry, depciting two young authors struggling on their way to their first successful screenplay.


        • Starring: John Hackett, Conrad Parham, Eddie Infante
        • Children/Adventure 65 Minutes

        The story of a boy, his beloved donkey and a criminals redemption. 

        • Starring: Henry Heller, Laya Raki, Hank Nichols
        • Comedy/Drama 30 Minutes

        Tommy Nero (Adam Montgomery) tries to keep his struggling band, the Ghosts of Rome together. However, band member Jimmy Caesar (Bradley De La Cloche), has a sharp tongue that loses them their gig as the opening act on local rockstar Paul Lake's (Jon Williams) coveted tour. Tommy takes a chance, and hires a new band member in the hope of changing their luck.


        • Starring: Ed Christie, Bradley De La Cloche, Hannah Jacques
        • Fantasy/Drama 86 Minutes

        On the eve of the millennium, "Jeff's" dreams begin to literally manifest until he becomes a King Midas of the modern age, the only trouble is once 'the gift' has taken hold, he cannot control it. A Kafkaesque tale of a man whose life is being controlled by outside forces.


        • Starring: George Eddington, Sterling Fitzgerald
        • Action/Adventure 94 Minutes

        A young girl, "Michele", is persuaded by a disreputable agent-type to leave her job as a waitress and travel to Los Angeles to become a go-go dancer. There, she must compete with the established top star, "Joan," and eventually ends up taking her place.


        • Starring: Jody Daniels, Leslie McRae, Tom Pace
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