Adventures of Sir Lancelot, The

    Kind Arthur's greatest knight battles the enemies of the realm in a series replete with the heroics and pageantry of Camelot. Rich in action and romance, it stars William Russell and Jane Hylton.

    The Knights of the Round Table engage in daring, legendary feats. This series, painstakingly researched by the History and Literature Departments of Oxford University, re-creates some of the notable exploits of the celebrated knight, as well as the deeds of the other members of King Arthur's court.

    The most famous of all knights, his virtues and heroic behavior have made Sir Lancelot a revered character, exemplifying the highest codes of humanity, principles and loyalty. With a coat of honor and a code of honor, this Medeival hero delivers fast paced adventure.

    Additional Info

    • Genre: Adventure, Family
    • Year: 1956
    • Duration: 13 x 30 min. Color, 17 x 30 min. B&W
    • Clips: