LOADED is a reality-based action thriller that takes you on a journey behind the "Orange Curtain" of Southern California, through the world of modern day lords, of high society dealers and through the turbulent mind of one little boy whose life took a very wrong turn.


The De La Cruz family owns Orange County from the gutters to the government. Bobby Leoni, a fast rising power player in the cartel, has redefined the local drug trade. He has stacked the deck in his favor and is on the eve of becoming the highest-ranking street general of the De La Cruz family but not if the best cop in the country, Federal Agent Boyer, has his way. Agent Boyer takes on the impossible cases and feeds off winning at all costs.

Additional Info

  • Genre: Action/Thriller
  • Starring: Erick Gosse,Thomas Tamburello, Lynn Adrianna
  • Year: 2008
  • Duration: 88 Minutes