Price of Air, The

    In the idyllic suburban distopia of Orange, the affable but clueless Paul who agrees to be a drug courier for Mr. Ball, who's about to take delivery of a drug rumored to be 'more addictive than air.'


    Against the better judgement of his best friend D., Paul does the deal for quick cash, but the supplier turns on him and murders D. in the ensuing shootout. Paul goes on the lam with the cash and the stash, but only after promising his dying friend that he'll flush it before Ball puts them on the street. Now, on the run, Paul meets the lonely, beautiful Anne with whome he indulges in the drug. They discover its curious effects, each becoming leery of the other even as they are falling in love. The fallout from the binge and the arrival of one of Ball's vengeful colleagues ultimately forces the couple to confront their demons.

    Additional Info

    • Genre: Drama/Thriller
    • Starring: Michael Madsen, Dick Van Patten, Michelle Phillips
    • Year: 2000
    • Duration: 100 Minutes