Not Again!

    Still recovering from a string of romantic disasters, pleasant young Angie (Susie Cusack) is finally able to think of dating again. When out of nowhere, pops the love of her life who totally broke her heart years ago.

    Jamie (Bo Easton) is a sweet handsome handful who's seen the error of his ways, and is determined to win Angie's heart. She knows this would be a disaster, but he cannot be dissuaded. Her roommate, the ditzy love victim Rita (Marissa Ribisi) falls hopelessly in love with Jamie but in self sacrifice helps him in his quest to win Angie's love. A recipe for disaster ensues.

    Additional Info

    • Genre: Romantic Comedy
    • Starring: Susie Cusack, Bo Easton, Marissa Ribisi
    • Year: 1999
    • Duration: 91 Minutes