Love of Three Queens

    The intimate, absorbing portrayals of the lives and loves of three of the most fabulously beautiful and sensual women in history.


    Josephine, mistress to Napoleon, Genevieve of Brabant, and Helen of Troy -- This superbly striking film is in trilogy form. Each complete episode forms a masterful portrayal of a woman and her unique influence on the course of history. Hedy Lamar, the essence of glamour, etches a notable, thrilling interpretation of the courtesan, who captivated the french conqueror, and whose enticement of Napoleon may have decided the fate of Europe.

    Hedy Lamar's portrayal of Genevieve is of the beautiful queen who bore the child of her soldier husband, Siegfried Palatine of Treves, while he was at war, malicious rumors spread by the major Domo Golo, that the child was not Siegfried's forced her to flee. She and the child lived six years in a cave, in the Ardennes forrest, until they were found by Siegfried, and restored to her former position.

    Hedy Lamar as Helen of Troy - the face that launched a thousand ships, portrayed in such thrilling and adventurous fashion, that it must be seen to be believed. Three women - three queens - whose personalities and beauty held the power to change the course of western history.

    Additional Info

    • Genre: Historical Drama
    • Starring: Hedy Lamar, Terrence Morgan, Cesar Panova
    • Director: Marc Allegret
    • Year: 1955
    • Duration: 97 Minutes