Rogers Carrying On Syndie Tradition

From Daily Variety, Vol. 221, No. 44 — 11/3/1988

Steve Rogers, son of the late namesake of the Peter Rogers Organization, has purchased the syndication outfit from his father’s estate for an undisclosed sum — including a library of more than 250 films — and plans to acquire and distribute additional product.

Peter Rogers, who died earlier this year, was considered a pioneer in tv syndication, and his son had been working with him the last several years.

Foremost among Rogers’ marketing plans is an approach that allows stations to assemble their own film packages from Rogers' vaults to afford stations flexibility in creating theme weeks. “We have every sort of title imaginable,” Rogers stated.

The company is also adding new vintage series to its roster, which already includes “I Spy” and the four-part miniseries version of “War And Peace.”

Peter Rogers Organization had been in a limbo since the elder Rogers’ death, with only the accounts receivable department operating. Steve Rogers said he eventually hopes to expand distribution to include cable and home video.