Team Mates

    Two tough members of the Cougars football team challenge Central High football captain "Brian Caldwell" to a drag race. To show the Cougars up, Brian secretly switches seats with his girl friend, "Vicki Mason", and she takes the wheel.


    In a mad, roaring chase, she shows her ability and leaves the Cougars far behind "eating her dust." When Vicki finds Brian cheating on her, she decides to turn the tables on him by joining the "boy's football team." The school goes into an uproar over this but a court decision forces them to allow her to play on the team. Meanwhile, the Cougars sabotage the team at every turn.

    Additional Info

    • Genre: Comedy/Drama
    • Starring: Karen Corrado, Max Goff, Christopher Seppe
    • Year: 1978
    • Duration: 84 Minutes
    • Clips: